a new fave song

mystery song of the nth time: revealed!!!

ok, so i listen to some songs that i didnt even know where it came from, but yes, they were free to download from iTunes (i know Browser can relate to this one.) i keep on listening to this eeeemmmmooooo song repeatedly on the Shuffle which can only be described as after another free song and before a Coldplay song. so the artist's name starts with a C.

i found out a couple of minutes ago, after being too curious, that the song is called Empty by Click Five. if u listen to the song, the sound i really interesting. i dunno, im eeeeemmmmoooo and i like this (the reaction "i can relate to this" has been used gazillion times and i dont want to repeat it, but yes, i share the sentiment.)

other songs that were part of the free download but was surprisingly decent are:
(1) Bubbly by Colbie Caillat (oh yes! another eeeemmmooo!)
(2) Best Days by Graham Colton

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SoNSo1 said...

I told you free songs were good. Some of them are cool. I got Jem's "They," The Raconteurs live version of "Steady as She goes," Astaire's "L-L-Love", and Shiny Toy Guns "le disko." All which I like to listen to. And for free.

m a r g e said...

there were a couple more that i liked, but for the last one i downloaded was pretty lame. i have to wait every tuesday to see whats new, and free.

Princess Annix said...

uve got empty by click five? i want that! i already have bubbly :) have u heard her song realize? it's nice too :) emo!

m a r g e said...

Re: Click Five. oh nice! you like it too! its an eeemmmooo. hehe! Re: Colbie C. i havent listened to the rest of her album, but i heard it is good. right now, i'll stick to Bubbly for a while.