weird dream again

this time its magical. as magical as Harry Potter. 

wait. Harry Potter was there. 

story: it was a battle between the Gryffindor and Severus Snape. (what?) there was another character who was being taken care of by the Gryffindor house. he is so unknown to me. it was funny, he lived by the top of the castle which was a whole system of stairs and rooms and but the castle was as big as a tower. (what?!) this guy happens to be Snape's biggest enemy, and the Gryffindor is taking care of him. so Snape was so angry, he was determined to crush this guy. he goes up to the towerish-castle, and when he reaches the top that guy was nowhere to be found, coz he ran thru the backdoor going to the huge hall by the lobby of the castle. (woah!) that is where the whole magical thing happened. it was a battle of magical powers once more. (woohoo!) 

but what role was i playing in this movie?

ta-da!!! i am from the Gryffindor house who is a kin of Snape. (woohoo!) so now, Snape had another reason to be angry. but i was rejecting that fact, but ended up helping Snape in the end (what?!?!) when he needed to get away after all the commotion or whatever happened in between. there was no aguamenti for me, but i had this if i blew thru this thin sheet, there will my breath becomes a magical power that zaps of twenty people and five trucks. (woah!)

i need to record my dreams. maybe next time i can make a short story or novel out of this. 

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