Walking Routes

if you remember back at the start of this semester, i had this ADHD about waiting for the bus thus i ended up walking? so now, officially at the day before Spring Break, i had my ADHD attack again. funny thing, i was able to do some stretching before that. dont ask me how i was able to do my stretching. pretty hilarious to think of. 

so okay, this time, it isnt raining. it was sooo windy that i can feel the wind pushing me. i felt weightless in some sense, yet i was pushing myself to walk thru it because #1 i dont want to wait for the bus then pay $1.60 for less than a minute ride, #2 i need a cardio added on the plan, #3 today was comparing the distance day. "what route was easier for me?" and "which is safer?" so what i did was to just push myself, with my pretty heavy backpack, i was walking in a fast pace that was fast enough if i was in a treadmill (or if you were in the electric treadmill, that is the time maybe before you get yourself running). 

to answer my first question, what route was easier for me? i would say route #1. route #1 is going straight to Merritt Blvd. why? according to google maps, its a 1.7 mile distance from school to office. of course since im hitting Merritt right away. route #2, which is the same as the bus route and is the back road, is a 2.5 mile distance. not bad i think. i do not want to answer which is safer, as both had their cons. like in route #1 you pass by the front of houses which can be like hazardous to someone walking alone and if someone has rather good intentions. there's no one to yelp on since no one walks there (it is a main road for sakes!) then with route #2, though i dont have substantial evidence, the fact that i saw broken glass (glasses if you may) along the sidewalk, and is even much more with fine shattered glass in front of Dundalk High School... well i would say it is under my investigation. *lol!* note to self: better watch your back at all times. 

so there you go. thats what keeps my blood flowing today, and hey! its partly slacking for the next week so better cap off my "before the break" experience with a long walk, or if it was long enough. 

there is a #4 to my "why's" everyone is on a fitness plan, why not jump on it? =) 

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