Healing and Developments

my uncle is still in the ICU and he has undergone two surgeries already. i think the first one was to repair the fracture on his shoulders, the second one was for his legs and feet. the surgery for his brain is being observed still since the doctors said that he is responding with the treatments. i am not sure really what they are saying, since this is like fourth hand information that i am getting. filters. but good thing to hear is that he is responding to treatments. also, my Aunt Rose called them up earlier for updates and they had her voice on speaker phone. it is so great to know from my Aunt that he was able to move his hands when he heard her voice. He is strong. through all the things that he has undergone in his life, from his first vehicular accident 15 or so years ago, to emotional and personal turbulence, to this accident, God has always been so good to him. we are all keeping ourselves strong and we believe that my uncle can overcome this with our faith on his doctors and our faith to the Lord. it has just been so hard for our family, shocking indeed, that this happened since my family is in Manila, and he (together with my other two uncles and their office mates) are on an incentive trip/vacation in Oz. the distance between all of us has just been one of the most painful things that we encountered that we felt so helpless being away from him when he needed this help and support the most. Beneath this, God has been our bridge to keep us all together emotionally and physically. He has kept us intact.

Thank you to those who have heeded my call for prayer, and I hope that you may all continue to still do so. Me and my family really appreciates this a lot. thank you and God bless.

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Blue Ryder said...

Thinking of you, and hoping that you and your family can be as strong as humanly possible to get through this.

Prayers and faith and hope.....

m a r g e said...

thanks blue ryder/TL! this thing that happened came as a huge shock for us and made us pretty helpless. he is responding to meds, he has been responding by moving his fingers, but still in a coma. i hope in the next couple of days he can have more developments.