where did this come from?

 so i was bored. fine. i had to edit my previous post coz damn it, i thought i saw the greatest thing in the world of my self-centered boredom. but NOOOO i ended up getting dismayed.

so you see, i was going to show to you this awesome site that displayed my name margeeboo as #30792 in this list of coolest nicknames. i found this site coz i was googling links to margeeboo and came up with different sites.

so i thought i will be happy... then... i checked the other links.
(1) a message board called VOIP
(2) links to some pictures of anal sex
(3) links to some animal sex
(4) links to a polish message board that talks about porn and sex
(5) links to a Drunken Zebras Griesheim a German site
(6) links to more Polish sex
(7) link to a hentai

i swear! i almost puked just realizing how twisted this thing was. i need a new alias.

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