this week

in school

yeah. my first week and its making a bad impression on me. im bored. or maybe, its only the first week. i dont know why even essay writing seemed to bore me. especially today. i was thinking that everyone else's keyboards were clanking that noise a lot, and i was so sleepy that i was typing on my less than average pace. so i thought, yeah, getting lagged behind. then i flipped my draft, and looked around. oops! i think i went too fast. what was i thinking? so after that, i still had the time to take my time in printing my piece, saving it on the required disc, saving it on my flash disk, going to the bathroom, and surfing the net, all in an hour of alloted work time. then the professor said, ok, thats it for the day. i went out of the room, carrying my bag, and realized that i shouldve brought only my self, some cash, and my phone. gee! i really didnt need a bag for today! and i remember
the Seed asking me the other day if the professor gave out the syllabus, my answer to this day, no. good luck next week!

that is why at this time, i had the chance to explore the library a bit, read a thin book, eat the remainder of my wheat thins, eat some chocolates, and do this blog post. come march 19, i guess life will be turning a bit. more pressures to come!!!

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