personal observations

#1: i love to write! i know that a long time ago. just that i have a problem when i write drafts. my problem is that i always try to do it where i am comfortable in doing it. i remember before, i write my drafts on my math notebook. i love using red inked pen on those grid lines, and write paragraphs and paragraphs of my paper on the back pages of my math notebook. so since i was comfortable in doing that, i ended up buying a separate math notebook for my scribbles and drafts. then i got used to writing on yellow paper. i fold the yellow paper crosswise then start writing on it. then i got comfortable with writing on a lengthwise fold of blank bond paper. i found myself pouring down words that way was easier for me, than folding it crosswise. then i had 3 notebooks that i use to write with my personal stuff when i feel like writing it on either type. theres the big spiral notebook. the medium spiral, and the small stitch bound notebook. i juggle them just so i can write. and now, with me being able to pour out my thoughts properly and fast using blog, i started my draft for English class here on my Blogger account! it is weird for me, but if this is the way that i can let my thoughts flow, thats where i'll start things off. i always know that writing is very therapeutic for me, and if i mess around my train of thought, it will be the end of my streak! so id rather do copy and paste multitude of times, than not be able to write at all.
#2: I miss DLSU time. In DLSU, I have classes on Tues and Thurs that lasts for 1.5 hours. Every meeting, i feel so damn tired coz 1.5 hours of class is a non-stop discussion and a lot of activity going on. you feel by end of the day that 1.5hours is like 3 hours of meeting for that day. However, in my new school, i go to a 2hour class. but, every end of the session (so far, given 5 meetings) i feel like i just came out of a 30min class. that is so weird! i miss the DLSU energy. the neck breaking, brain-racking experience of the trimestral system that trains you to plan your day and also be logically procrastinating at times (you cannot help it if you need it). cramming and all, the DLSU spirit me and my college friends have. haha! cheers guys! i miss our cramming and drinking sessions. haha!

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