on counting time and doing nothing

i think i woke up a little too early for a saturday morning.

i started my day at 730 am, doing nothing. technically im doing something since i saw my friends logged on their YM's so i joined the fun! but that was a little slumpy too as i was still sleepy and my friends are tired and busy. so it was a slow pace in our conversations.

then my mom called up but it is rather uneventful more. she was asking me to make my voice louder, but my nasal problem, due to congestion, is giving me a hard time breath and talk at the same time. also, i was still infront of the computer, talking to my friend about her internet usage, her dream to buy a new mobile phone, and a dream to get the IPhone.

then they had to say goodbye coz anyway, it was midnight there. i was sitting on my bed and realized i had to do something for myself. so i raised my butt and went to hit the shower, which was quite fast than my usual saturday showers (i cannot believe how fast i went). anyhow, i was also able to get my things done fast, like folding some of my clothes, sweeping the floor, etc etc. and im just too fast today i think. the problem is, i do things fast but im slumping... im feel so bored still.

so i tried doing some stuff in the house. we had a little lunch get together while watching a movie, and doing some stuff still, but i am just tired, but then a little hyper and restless. beneath it all, i still feel...bored! even when the house emergency happened (leaking pipe), where I helped to move out stuff to get to the main pipe and all, it was still uneventful, lest, i feel i am still slumping.

im not in my right senses i guess. or i just need a power booster. a mind exercise or something. or something that im interested in doing, besides slumping myself infront of the computer, looking at the box of macadamia chocolates, and telling myself...please dont get that! please dont get that! *sigh!*

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