on being sad

while watching the Super Bowl, I was caught reading the blog site of someone I know that i do not want to mention the name (for fear of getting killed).

so i was reading that person's blog. that person is very sad right now, and i got troubled. i want to comfort that person. really, but i know that i still fear that person would kill me.

but if that person only knew how i feel. i mean if that person knew that while i was reading the posts, i realized that we are the same in our emotions, just that we are caught up in different life events. also with what that person was saying about some stuff on life that person has at present, the only difference that we have is that i am on the other end of the spectrum. we are at the opposite poles, but we feel the same way for that situation. i am here in faraway land, and i left everyone and everything home.

we are different people with similar emotions. and it is sad that we are feeling this way.

plus the love life. oh my! we are on the same boat!!! same philosophy too.

so if in the future you get to trip over this post, its good you know. just had to put that for the record.


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