I am jittery

i am a little jittery. ok i am hiding it but i am a little stressing myself.

time now is 00:04 and the date is feb 18, 07. in 33.56 hours, it will be the start of my class. now im jittery again.
advice: no one shall give me coffee, or else. i feel excited at the same time i feel edgy. i feel like something wrongs gonna happen, and without a dry run going to Dundalk campus, i feel like we will get lost going there.

so ive been hiding in my cave almost the whole day. i went for a 2.5 hour therapy session that cost me almost a 100 bucks (the name of the facility is Target. if I went to the other place called Towson Town, I guess I could've spent more than that). I had only one full meal, and more likely 15oz of water for the whole day. i had 3 tablets of ibuprofen, and 4 pieces of dark chocolate (thanks to Browser for suggesting Dove Chocolate. it was addictive!) I went for a pig out sale of Wheat Thins Reduced Fat (on sale at Target, 4 boxes for $7). I had to think of buying between a $30 laptop tote, and $30 worth of normal stuff (of course I chose the normal stuff after thinking about it for 45mins). and now i have been infront of this machine for, 2hours and 15mins (time right now is 00:17)

and i cant seem to get myself to think straight still. i mean i have a couple of stuff to finish (like catch-up on some work that has messed up notes), or re-organize still the room to make in MORE clutter-free. But there's another thing that I need. i really need to buy a new bag, i have too much inside the closet but not one is right for going back to school. of course there's my fave black backpack, but then a chic little tote is a different kind. and another thing i need, to watch Ghost Rider!!! thinking that Ghost Rider started showing makes me feel like its calling me. haha!

i am jittery. i am so freaking jittery!

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